Jack J. Miller


Music: Digital Sunset by Karl Casey (White Bat Audio)

About the game

My web game, stjarna.io, is being prepared for release. It is a browser-based arcade game in which each player spawns as a spacecraft and competes in battle with other players online in a race to upgrade their ship and dominate the leaderboard. Originally inspired by diep.io as a project for learning Node, the game acquired the theme of space and has since morphed into a complete arcade game.

Players attack one another by shooting rockets, lazers, and circular projectiles as shown in the trailer. There are currently three gamemodes — Free-For-All, Teams, and Skirmish — with more gamemodes to be added after release. The world is finite though it laps. Moving from one edge of the world to the opposite edge will bring you back to the original edge.



In Free-For-All, players spawn in space surrounded by space rubble, flying meteors, and other players with whom they must compete. At the centre of the map there are large, colourful obstacles which afford more points when destroyed. By destroying these objects and killing other players, a player can gain points, level up, and upgrade their ship and skills to become stronger.


In Teams, players spawn as they do in Free-For-All but this time as a member of a team with whom they join in combat against other teams. There are four teams — Green, Red, Blue, and Pink — and each has their own circular base. It is at their base that each players spawn and when inside the base they are protected from enemy players.


In Skirmish, players spawn as members of teams as in the Teams gamemode. The teams compete by trying to occupy the numerous outposts scattered across the map. This gamemode involves invading enemy outposts and defending one's own outposts from enemy combatants.


The game runs on the back-end as a Node server and can be played by connecting through a web browser. Both the front-end and the back-end are written in TypeScript and communicate with each other through the use of sockets.io. No other frameworks are used.


The game will be monetised through the inclusion of in-game advertisements that float in the background. If, upon release, you wish to place one of your ads inside the game then feel free to purchase one when they become available.

The game may also be supported through donations. A list of all patrons can be viewed on the patrons page.